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Hope D ^_^
United States
안녕! I'm Eunwoo! I hope you you enjoy my artwork! 환영합니다!

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Christian,Korean Pop,Chinese Pop,Japanese Pop
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: shells...i guess
Favourite cartoon character: Aang(avatar) or L (Deathnote)
Lol wow its already the end of 2010~ :D Soo that means more reviews of the best of 2010~


Megamind: One of the best animated movies this year i think! I loved the characters and the originality of it. The sarcastic humor made it funny for the older audience as well, i think this made it not just a kids movie :D Anyways it was hilarious and i defiantly recommend.

71 Into the Fire: Amazing war movie! This movie about the real story of the 71 student soldiers that protected the South from the North. It was a very touching and inspiring movie. One major reason i got intrested in it was T.O.P from Big Bang plays the main lead and may i say he did an amazing job! ( he has already won afew rookie actor awards YAY!) This movie made me laugh cry and also taught me some about Korean history.

Red: One world Awesome! This movie was quite a surprise! I went expecting more like a straight action movie but never expected the comedy! Omg it was soo funny!! But they balanced it out nicely with the action and the storyline. Great actors like Morgan Freeman made up the cast and they did an awesome job!

Despicable Me : Ok so this wins the adorable movie of the year award! Very cute, cuddly and hilarious movie! It was easy for all ages to enjoy this movie!


Personal Taste: Im a big fan of Lee Minho so i always check out what hes starring in. Mid Year this year i ran into his new drama Personal Taste. This was a very original story, I mean a straight guy pretending to be gay to move into a house? haha so of course i watched it. Ok so it did have alot of the side "business" story to it.( since hes an architect in the show) But i loved the main girls character although she was awkward at first Minhos character made her completely change into a charming lady. It was quirky,funny and adorable!

Mary Stayed Out All Night: Ahh i actually just finished this one! Ok im also a HUGE fan of Jang Geun Seok so immediantly i looked at Mary as hes the main character. This one was different as it had an indie style to it, especially in the wardrobes and also because it focuses on an indie band. This drama has so many memorable cute moments to it!( Mong Mong! kkkk) Although it had a kind of cliche aspect to it, it was still alot of fun to watch and who doesnt want to watch the adorable Geun Seok?! XD

Ah so much good music this year to mention! So heres my top 5!

2PM: So my boys had two new many albums this year yay!!
First, Don't Stop Can't Stop. This album came out just after Jaebeom was offcially leaving the band. I think the title song showed how strong they are not matter what happens. Besides the touching back story, this album was super catchy and sexy. Haha
The second mini album of the year was Still 2:00 PM  This one was alittle different with their futuristic still of the title song "I'll Be Back" Hopefully we can look forward to many more awesome songs from them! Also dont miss out on Taecyeon and Wooyoungs new drama "Dream High"

2NE1: Finally a full album from the YG girls! And it is awesome!! With there songs like "Clap Your Hands" and "Can't Nobody" its hard not to like there cool an new style.

Taeyang: YAY!! Bae finally had his solo album this year! This is probably my favorite album of the year!! With songs like "I Need a Girl" and "Super Star" how could you not fall in love with him! ANd to top it off he also released an international album with " Wedding Dress" Connection and I'll Be There" all in english versions!! I absolutely loved all the songs and mvs for this album.

GD&TOP: Big Bangs new solo activities. There two rappers GD and (my fav) TOP came together and wrote and composed 11 new songs! The style is completely different from anything they have done before! It really shows these two and there diversity. Ranging from old school hip hop to rock and even a style i dont even know (for the song " What Do You Want") all of it is different and awesome! And something i always dreamed happened....TOP actually sings in 2 of his solo songs 0_0 sooo i was very happy! (He has an awesome singing voice but never uses it! ) Anyways you should totally check it out!

San E: Ok and last i bring you San E! JYP's first and only solo rapper! If i could compare him to anyone i would say hes alot like MC Mong. He has a very comedic way of rapping! With a hilarious introduction called "Tasty San E" and other funny songs like "Love Sick" and "B.U.B.U". San E kinda goes against todays idols, as in hes debuting late (at 26) and he doesnt meet the usually look of idols ( no awesome bod) but his personality makes him very loveable and likeable.Although its a mini album, i loved all his songs and i hope a full album soon!

So thats it for this year! Have a very Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!
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